But when Davin Wedel, Global Protection Corp.'s founder and president, heard Surgeon General C. Everett Koop announce that condoms prevented the spread of HIV, he joined the fight. At that time, it was becoming increasingly clear that the spread of AIDS was a major public health emergency, and Koop publicly advocated the promotion of condoms to prevent the disease. This was a major step forward for AIDS awareness, but a big problem remained. Condoms were unpopular, embarrassing to buy and surrounded by social taboos. Clearly, condoms needed some help with their image.

Happy Jumbo Condom Matchbook
In response, Davin, a sophomore at Tufts University, and a classmate awakened their campus to sexual safety with the "Happy Jumbo" - a condom matchbook featuring the Tufts mascot, Jumbo the Elephant, and the slogan "A Safe Jumbo is a Happy Jumbo".  The duo realized that connecting condoms with familiar and popular images made the condoms cool. The success of the Happy Jumbo convinced them to move their efforts off-campus, and in 1988 Global Protection Corp. was born. The company committed itself to making condoms an acceptable part of everyday life and did so through a series of groundbreaking firsts.

Global Protection Corp. invented the first innovative and fun condom products, including glow-in-the-dark condoms and condom Smiley Pops. The company convinced convenience and gift stores to stock these items on their retail shelf, and for the first time ever condoms were out from behind the counter and onto the main sales floor. 

Global Protection Corp. also created Custom Condoms©, a promotional product line, allowing organizations to print their logos and messages on a variety of condom packages. Companies used clever slogans like "Stay virus-free with Computers 2000" to promote themselves, while reinforcing the message of staying safe. Global Protection Corp.’s Custom Condoms made it possible for anyone, from radio stations to trucking companies, to participate in safer sex promotion.

The company was also actively communicating its ideas about condom promotion and safer sex education to the public sector. Health educators used Global Protection Corp.’s innovative condoms as icebreakers to help their clients relax and get them talking about condoms and sexual responsibility. Today, Global Protection Corp.’s products are used by health educators everywhere and are considered essential educational tools.

By 1992, condoms were becoming more commonplace and accepted by mainstream society. But Global Protection Corp. was ready to push new limits once again when it opened Condomania ®, the first store to sell nothing but condoms. The launch garnered national and international coverage on television, radio, and in print and helped Global Protection Corp. further propel the country's discourse about condoms.

In 2004, Global Protection launched the ONE® brand, which quickly emerged as an industry leader in premium-branded condoms and lubricants. ONE brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of creative product packaging, manufacturing technology, customer participation, and social responsibility. ONE works together with customers, artists, and advocates to inspire people to make a difference in their community.

In 2017, Global Protection was excited to bring myONE® Perfect Fit condoms to the U.S. market, a revolutionary condom line of 60 sizes. With condom sizes larger and smaller than anything on the market, myONE is designed to finally address the top complaints about condoms: they don’t fit and are uncomfortable.

Much has changed since the flight of the first Jumbo. Global Protection Corp's products have helped evolve the way society views condoms, demonstrating that private sector companies can help advance public sector goals. This committed approach to combining popular culture and social marketing became and remains the foundation of Global Protection Corp.
Company Milestones
1987Happy Jumbo condom matchbook is created - "Safe Jumbo is a Happy Jumbo"
1988Global Protection is Incorporated
1988Global Protection introduces Custom Condoms®
1990Global Protection donates non-lubricated condoms to protect American troops' rifles from sand during Operation: Desert Storm
1991Global Protection introduces the Condom Keyper®
1992Global Protection invents the Condom Pop
1992Global Protection opens Condomania, the first condom store in the United States
1993Myrtle is hired as "Inspector #47"
1994Global Protection's "Woodstock '94" condom is the top selling item at the summer event
1996Global Protection expands and moves to its permanent headquarters in South Boston
1997Global Protection introduces the Atlas® Brand
1998Jimmy is introduced as company mascot
2000Global Protection launches Pleasure Plus®, with pleasure enhancing shape
2001Global Protection invents Night Night®, the only glow-in-the-dark condom cleared for sale by the FDA
2003Global Protection launches ONE® Next Generation Condoms
2004Global Protection is listed on Inc. Magazine's Top 100 list for a third consecutive year
2015ONE® Tom of Finland Collection features the late artist's iconic, homoerotic for the first time on condom wrappers.
2016Global Protection works with Toronto Public Health on condomTO wrapper design contest.
2017Global Protection launches myONE Perfect Fit with 60 condom sizes.
2017The New York Times interviews CEO Davin Wedel for feature story on myONE Perfect Fit, a revolution in the condom industry.

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