Myrtle, Global Protection's
Chief Condom Inspector
why global?

Ten Reasons Why Global Protection is the Best
Choice for Your Non-Profit Organization

1. 25 Years of Experience.
From the day that C. Everett Koop said "a condom can save your life," Global Protection has been there to address the needs of non-profit organizations trying to reduce unintended pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. We've grown and adapted to meet the challenges of of our customers, developing solutions that define the future of sexual health outreach. As a customer, we invite you to leverage our knowledge and expertise to better support the needs of your clients.

2. One Stop Shopping.
Global Protection carries dozens of brands and hundreds of products representing all areas of sexual health. We offer our customers the convenience of purchasing all of their supplies through one convenient and reliable source. That means you can spend less time trying to find supplies, and more time meeting the needs of your clients.

3. Master Distributor.
Global Protection Corp. is a master distributor for many recognizable brands and products. We're able to offer the same rock-bottom pricing to our customers that they would receive if they bought directly from the manufacturer.

4. Guaranteed Lowest Prices.
Even though we're confident that our prices are the lowest available, we offer an additional guarantee to our customers. If you can find the same product at a cheaper price through another source, we'll beat that price by 5%.*

5. Free Shipping.
In order to help health organizations stretch their budgets as far as possible, Global Protection offers free shipping to non-profits for hundreds of items. Simply log into your account, and look for the Free Shipping icon on cases of bulk condoms and lubricant. We'll ship these items free of charge via UPS ground to any address in the lower 48 states. Are you located in Alaska or Hawaii? Our Customer Service department will work with you to determine the lowest possible rate.

6. Exclusive Products.
As a leading manufacturer and distributor, Global Protection is able to offer proprietary products and exclusive brands not available through any other source. Our customers count on Global Protection to provide exclusive items such as condom beads, condom keypers, and educational materials.

7. Outreach Innovation.
Global Protection isn't just the leading distributor of fun and creative condoms and outreach supplies - we created the industry. Our President, Davin Wedel created the first condom matchbook in 1987. Since then Global Protection has introduced a series of industry firsts, including condom pops, condom compacts, condom beads, condom keychains, glow-in-the-dark condoms, pleasure shaped condoms and innovative condom packaging. With creativity like that, you can sure sure that you're providing your clients with the very latest trends in the industry.

8. Educational Materials.
Our product portfolio includes a number of educational pamphlets commonly available on the market, as well as proprietary solutions available only through Global Protection. We offer a full range of educational solutions addressing the concerns of a variety of different groups, including ethnic groups, age groups, sexual orientation, and bilingual audiences. Distributing our educational materials can significantly reduce the amount of money it takes to create your own - allowing you to focus more on outreach and less on development. Not seeing something that meets your needs? Let us know - we can also assist with development of custom solutions!

9. A True Partner.
Though our product line is unmatched in the industry, we do know that from time to time organizations have additional needs. We see our customers as collaborative partners - if you're looking for something that you don't see in our catalog, let us know. If it's a specific product, we'll make every effort to get it for you. If it's something that doesn't exist yet, we can even help with development!

10. Custom Condoms®.
Here's an industry fact - Global Protection was the first company to ever produce customized condom products, and we invented an industry that now produces millions of promotional condoms each year. So when considering a condom featuring your organization's logo or outreach campaign, look no further than our Custom Condoms® line. Non-profit organizations receive 25% off of the list price for all custom products. Best of all, all Custom Condoms® products are FDA-approved medical devices, include a five year expiration date, and offer full liability protection for your organization.

*This guarantee applies only to regularly priced, non-sale items that include the "Low Price Guarantee" button on the item page.